187. Discovering Jumping Pillows

Discovering Jumping Pillows: Every now and then the guidebook makes a curious reference to an amenity – mostly at RV holiday parks – called a jumping pillow. Maybe you’ve seen Flight of The Concords and you know that they have a funny way of calling things down here, as evidenced by the chilly bin we’re storing our cold foods in. That’s an ice chest to us Yanks, so we just assumed that “jumping pillow” was a funny way of saying “trampoline.” Then we pulled into the Greymouth Top 10 Holiday Park where, positioned next to a perfectly good trampoline, there was a 25 foot long inflated canvas bag surrounded by super soft sand. A jumping pillow. I had to nearly drag Amy kicking and screaming away from this thing. And who could blame her? No age restrictions (at least not signposted), just a short walk from our camper spot and an even shorter walk from a pebble strewn, black sand beach with tip top summer sunsets. Sweet as, eh?


  1. matt.holmes says:

    G'day mates, look's like you guy's are ripping into a good kiwi summer. If you want to read some more classic NZ literature try some Barry Crump. If you go past Pupu springs check out the big black river eels…Harwoods hole and the heaphy track are worth a crack too. You are making me home sick, especially with the shots of fish"n"chips.

    Good Onya.

  2. Sloan says:

    Matt, thanks again for all the recommendations. We spent the night after the jumping pillow in Punakaiki, which was all pancake rocks and no blowholes (missed high tide by a lousy twenty minutes). I bet they're cooler in my mind anyway.