181. Plimmerton Fish Supply

Plimmerton Fish Supply: The no-nonsense Greek couple who run the Plimmerton Fish Supply company in the Wellington seaside suburb of Plimmerton looked at me like I was from another planet when I asked the difference between “crumbed filet” and “breaded filet.” She fumbled for the words to answer a question she’d clearly never been asked because everyone else in the world, or at least everyone in Plimmerton, just knows. After I made my order (crumbed), she gave me a wry smile and asked, “Where are you from?” not in the manner of a passing traveler’s curiosity, but more like “where are you from, spaceman.” We all had a good laugh about this and then our jaws hit the floor in awe after the first bite of these pillowy cod fillets and perfect chips. Double points for eating it within view of the ocean.


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