New Trips in an Old Car, Part 3

New Trips In An Old Car, Part 3: There are lots of things I’m looking forward to in Oregon. Good old friends, the fresh smell of fir forests, and favorite Thai restaurants all await our arrival, as does a healthy VW support network and my most trusted mechanic. But there’s one thing about Oregon that I’ve not been looking forward to while driving these 5,000 miles across eleven states. That thing is the state law that prohibits motorists from pumping their own gasoline.
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  1. ronnie says:

    What a Hollywood ending. Classic.

  2. I am definitely on too little sleep when a story about a leaky tube and soft clutch make me teary and homesick.
    Nice work, Sloan!

  3. Jege (Jen) says:

    That photo is straight out of “little miss sunshine”. :)

  4. I miss reading about your around the world adventures. Do you have a new blog that you’ve started?