165. Watching the Oscars with a Nominee

Watching The Oscars With A Nominee: Well, sort of. We made a mandatory stop in Austin, our favorite blue oasis in the great big red state expanse of Texas. Really, no matter how many times I drive across Texas, I’m always amazed at just how long it goes on. And on and on. So thank goodness for the geography of Austin, near smack in the middle and home to the best Rockabilly, Texas-style BBQ, and two beloved old Portland friends who never fail in showing us a nice time, Kate and Trent.

And Trent (above, with his daughters Vivian and Claire) is an actor who recently nabbed his biggest role yet, the part of “Nervous Accountant” in the Cohen Brothers’ “No Country For Old Men.” It’s a great speaking part in a great movie based on an even greater book, so imagine our delight when we happened to roll into Austin on the weekend of the Academy Awards. The Nielsen Ratings scored this year’s Oscars as one of the least watched in years, sad commentary on the popular appeal of smart, gorgeous movies like “No Country for Old Men” and “There Will be Blood.” But we hardly noticed or cared, opting to watch the awards at one of the country’s great restaurant/pub/movie theatres, The Alamo Drafthouse. “No Country For Old Men” won the award for best picture and though he doesn’t get a statue, Trent does get some well-earned pride, a hearty congratulations and hopefully, many more opportunities like it.


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