149. Mexico

Mexico: From where we are sitting now in New York, the frigid winter throne of the American Northeast, the sun, sand and colors (oh the colors!) of Mexico feel a lifetime away.

Sloan: This was the perfect country to end the overseas trip with. Close enough to home to feel familiar, but culturally divergent enough to satisfy my new craving for the everyday exotic. Unlike some other countries we’ve visited, nearly everything everyone has said about Mexico turns out to be true. Friendly, relaxed, colorful, cheap, dirty, luxurious, every hour of every day sprinkled liberally with unimaginably good food. I was a little disappointed with the beaches we visited, only because it was the off-season, making the waves and currents seasonably rough. On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to find the real Mexico in the off-season, especially in a festival like Dia de los Muertos. Wandering Oaxaca’s cemetery at the fever pitch of the celebrations was not only an ethereal experience, it was a top five highlight of the entire year of traveling. Gracias, Mexico.

Amy: Mexico. I miss you. We visited 12 cities in our two months in Mexico and each offered something unique. Including Portland reunion pool parties in Troncones, silver shopping in Taxco, pampered beach condo living in Huatulco, cemetary parties in Oaxaca, chili rellanos in San Cristobal, flash rain storm swimming in Tulum, and giant sea turtle babies in Cancun. You don’t have to travel enormous distances in Mexico to get a grip on how remarkably diverse a county this is, in terms of climate, people, history, culture, politics and food. All of these things made it much harder for me to wallow in my end of trip jitters. How can I worry about jobs, health insurance and christmas presents when each day pummeled me with a renewed appreciation for the wild dumb luck that brought me here. Everything else will just have to wait.


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