144. The Tamales of Oaxaca

The Tamales of Oaxaca: Some foods are not of this world. I am certain that these tamales, like Scientology, are a gift from aliens. There are so many varieties of tamale, but the tamales oaxaqueños rise above all others – chicken, mole negro, ground corn, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. There may be some small benefit to using the banana leaf instead of the corn husk, but the sockdolager comes from the quality of the mole sauce. The most well known mole is from Puebla, which is based on the poblano pepper. But the Oaxacans have at least seven different moles, the most amazing being mole negro, made with the chilhuacle chili and the generous addition of superior Oaxacan chocolate. To bite into a tamale made with this mole is the cheapest of luxuries and will cause even the worldliest eaters to question all they know about Mexican cuisine. I’m coming home with about fifteen pounds of extra belly fat and about half of that is tamales oaxaqueños. No shame.


  1. Charles says:

    sockdolager – the last word President Lincoln ever heard. What a knock-out of a word. Good stuff.

    I doubt the part about 15 extra pounds. You’ve been looking pretty svelte lately.

  2. Sloan says:

    Oh go on.

  3. The Chez says:

    You likey the banana leaf tamales? I freaked out the first time I had one. I didn’t like the rubbery consistency but the sabor was muy bueno!
    I grew up with corn husk tamales. NEW Mexico, dude, NEW Mexico.

    Now, ceviche on the other hand…..