134. Picturing China, Part 2

Picturing China, Part 2: A minor setback, when the rough roads of Monglia cracked the LED screen on our digital SLR. It was packed inside of a foam-padded camera bag, packed inside of a backpack, resting on a cushioned chair and still, those violently rutted roads shook it dead. No worry apparently, because it’s still just as easy to take nice photos without the screen; the every-second vignettes of China are that outstanding. I can vaguely remember a time anyway when we had no screens on which to preview the image taken seconds earlier. The good old days! When Blackberries were blackberries. Auld langsyne. Quaint and analog. (I’m still getting the screen fixed when we get home.)

The pictures are, left to right and top to bottom: Naxi orchestra performance; Photos of Mao’s visit inside of a family home; blind caretaker outside a temple in Lijiang; Mao Zedong, larger than life; storefront in Lijiang; Amy walking against the flow; incense coils in a Buddhist temple, Hong Kong; billboards in Kunming; water taxi driver, Hong Kong; family kitchen; Buddhist temple statue in Beijing and; a pretty great wall.


  1. I’m pretty sure I drove that same road between Lukachukai and Cove in Arizona (deep in the Navajo Nation). The music you were listening to sounded better than the swearing in my memory.

    Love all the photos!

    Did you get our postcard?

  2. Sloan says:

    Man, you have no idea – The music we were listening to deserves a post of its own.

    We got your postcard and loved it. Amy cried a little.