124. Warming up to Improbable Accessories

Warming Up To Improbable Accessories: Amy bought a fanny pack. Or a hip pouch if you’re so inclined. I can’t really fault her, because we’ve been joining in on a lot of dorky group tours with Chinese families and well, you know, go with the flow and all. We like to blend in. So she wore the saleslady down to something like three dollars, strapped it on and walked right out into the night market, where she was immediately self-conscious about it.
Amy: Isn’t it cute?
Me: It’s pretty neat.
Amy: Does it look ok?
Me: It looks like a fanny pack, darling.
Amy: The colors match my outfit!
Me: I think there are enough colors on that thing to match most outfits.
Amy: I’m definitely wearing it to the side, not on my front or back.
Me: Good call.
Amy: Are you sure it looks ok?
Me: You’ve got to stop touching it, you’re just drawing more attention to it.

Truth is, I think it’s adorable on her. And the damn thing has so many jangly zippers on it, we’d be guaranteed never to be surprise-attacked by a bear or a cougar if they hadn’t already been eaten out of existence in China. It also makes it terrifically easy to find her when we get separated in the twisty maze of ancient Chinese village streets. Bad for sneaking up on dumplings left to cool on windowsills though. Shame.


  1. Anonymous says:

    i’m all about the accessories. lets see yours sloan…


  2. Emelinda says:

    you know you’ve been in asia for a while when you start using an umbrella in the sunshine… over here, i still get funny looks. sigh.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is no suprise; Amy could make a gunnysack look fashionable.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow, SO much left open here. I hope her fanny is now packed. Sheesh – it’s about time!@

  5. Charles says:

    you guys look so skinny in your pictures these days!

    And yes, the pack looks good, especially with the umbrella and a look of self-satisfaction.

    The Dalai Lama wears a fanny pack I hear.

  6. dealinhoz says:

    Amy, i think the fanny pack looks fantastic. I’d wear one in the back too.