99. Adventures with Wildlife

Adventures with Wildlife: One of the many half-day trips that can be done from the city of Cork is the Fota Wildlife Park. It’s basically a zoo without cages so you can get up close and personal with most all of the animals. They do put the cheetahs and panthers behind fences thankfully but the giraffes, zebras, peacocks, kangaroos, bison, apes and others are free range. I had a lovely little day walking around the park spotting animals and snapping their photos. There aren’t many surreal experiences that compare to turning a bend in a forested park in Ireland to find an open field with giraffes and zebras roaming about. The apes were fun to watch too. They really do look like smaller furrier versions of us. My favorite though were the ostriches just because of their grace and their enormous stride. I walked along side one for a few minutes trying my best to keep up but I was no match for her fantastically long legs. I was doing my best power walk and she was barely breaking an amble. At one point I saw two walking towards one another, a male and a female, with myself directly between. Naturally I was very curious to see what might happen next.


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