104. The Three Colors of Ireland

The Three Colors Of Ireland And Also, Something About The Appeal Of Sheep: As simple as it is gorgeous, the entirety of Ireland’s countryside is comprised of only three colors – Green, blue and white. Every square meter of ground that isn’t occupied by cottage or thin, winding road is layered in the richest shades of green. When the clouds break, irregularly and reluctantly, suddenly azure skies and rippled blue oceans race together towards the horizon. And fluffy white clouds look as if they’ve been painted in, as do the sheep that cling to the green velvet hills like dirty balls of cotton. I’ve actually come to enjoy seeing the sheep everywhere, they’re a great background animal. Dim and hapless, they really brighten up an empty field and tie the countryside together. Like fat little wooly rugs that totter around on toothpick legs, mowing down every pasture they can gate crash. Despite the total absence of natural predators in this landscape, they’re still a deliciously easy quarry, which they must be rudely reminded of every time they are grabbed from behind and shaved to the quick. Understandably, they’re terribly skittish around people but also so thoroughly unimpressed by cars that you can almost bump the ones standing in the road, if you’re moving slowly enough. Amy’s really been cheering me on at this, which seems to me at odds with her vegetarian lifestyle. I suppose that’s Amy, ethics need not interfere with a good time. Anyway, only one week left on the rental car and I still haven’t managed to bump one. I did get pretty close two days ago, but an oncoming tour bus startled him away before I could deliver the winning nudge. I’m afraid defeat may be nigh. Baaaaaa.


  1. erin says:

    I know that sheep. His name is Walter and he is a mean drunk.