77. Shopping

Shopping: Big surprise. Everyone who knows me knows that I like to collect clothes, especially dresses. Even after selling or giving away boxes and boxes of clothes before I left Portland, I still have several giant bins in Claire’s basement that I couldn’t bear to part with. If at home I’m a shopping addict, in Asia I’m a fiend. The Asian market is the pusher and it’s got me hooked by the nose. It takes a real investment of time and energy in Portland and even NYC these days for me to find what I’m searching for but I go to the right market or mall in the right city in Asia and bam, it’s all right there and it’s all so cheap. Our budget and luggage space stop me from actually buying most all of the things that I want but the joy of finding, trying on, and bargaining for them, has been a wildly fun adventure for me. I feel real pain when I find something that I just must have but can’t possibly take with me. When I think of the undeniably enviable wardrobe I’m passing up city after city, well I could just cry. That dress I found in Kuala Lumpur, the adorable skirts everyone was wearing in Singapore, those fantastic shoes in Delhi, the malls of Manila, and now I’ve come to the mecca of all SE Asian budget shopping cities – Bangkok. Let the games begin.


  1. furey says:

    if you see some deals, pick me up some chino’s, will ya? 30 x 34

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sloan & Amy-Awesome website!! Thanks for including my little doodles-I was touched! I just recently visited your site & enjoyed it imensely. Great pics, detailed write ups etc.. I love the mall shot which brought back recent shopping trip memories as we hurriedly tried to spend our last Thai baht accumulating presents for family & friends. Who would of thought we’d be raving about malls but Shauna & I loved the people watching/shopping experiences.
    Back in the Canadian Rockies mountain biking tons & waiting for the deep snowpack to melt so we can hit the apline country.

    Keep on wandering amigos straying off & on the main road, & remember the road less travelled is the one without toilet paper!! It was a real pleasure to share some laughs, slightly expensive malayisan beers, and good times with you guys. Until we share some beers in north america
    Julian & Shauna