65. Getting Around Phnom Penh

Getting Around Phnom Penh: After a grueling 32 hour travel day that involved four different airports and some mysterious airplane switching (“Why are we now getting on a plane that says Royal Bhutan Airways?”) we landed in Phnom Penh, the capitol of Cambodia. We somehow didn’t realize that April is the hottest, driest, most humid month to be here and it immediately boiled us into a couple of limp Anglo-noodles. Still, we managed to sweat to some great oldies, mainly the city’s lovely collection of pagodas, palaces and Buddhist temples. In the process, we also discovered the most thrilling of public transport options – the Cambodian moto – wherein you flag down a guy on a motorcycle and jump on the back for a 50 cent speed-ride across town. Very difficult to photograph ourselves on one, but you can see others doing it above. It’s a cheap thrill and easy enough to balance both of us on the same bike, particularly after watching a family of four Cambodians do the same while also carrying some laundry and a color television. We’ve seen very few foreigners riding around this way which is a real tragedy because the drivers are usually fun and chatty, if not a little sweaty, and anyway Amy looks really hot when she’s riding sidesaddle like a local girl. We do attract a lot of pointing and laughing, but that’s nothing new.


  1. Erika says:

    Yeah, well I sat through THREE meetings today and spent another 4 hours sifting through a box of old insurance policies for some construction litigation. Jealous, right?

    Heh, heh, heh…

    I SO knew you would be.

  2. kate says:

    How can someplace be dry and humid at the same time?

    And do they really have chocolate covered cockroaches in Cambodia? What do they taste like?

  3. S says:

    Dry as in no rain and dry as in no water in the rivers and lakes. We’d kill for some dark clouds and torrential rain right now.

    And the only cockroaches we’ve seen so far were jumbo regular flavored ones that were runnng around our hotel room in Phnom Penh. Smashed them both with a Lonely Planet. Cambodia is supposed to be the place to get bug-foods, though the only thing I’ve seen so far were vendors selling fried tarantulas by the bushel. If only we had more time…

  4. kate says:

    Fried tarantulas…chocolate covered cockroaches…if I ate meat, I’d eat that sh*t Why not? When in Rome…