57. Small Planes

Small Planes To Small Places: Terrifying. Nothing revives a body’s interest in honest prayer like a water-crossing flight on a twin propeller airplane. In the Philippines’ 7,000 islands, cross country travel means planes and boats and smaller planes until you eventually find yourself on an island large enough for cars, buses and jeepneys. Everyone supposes that the most interesting places are the most difficult to reach so somehow, just sitting still and grinding your teeth in a plane like this feels like real accomplishment. And I don’t care how steady your faith in modern technology is, your heart will beat just a little bit faster when the pilot turns on the air conditioning and the cockpit and aisle immediately fill with a thick, ominous fog.


  1. Bob says:

    Have no fear! It’s just the breath of the Ice Gnomes they use in their AC systems. Just breathe it in… AHHHhh refreshing!

  2. rja72 says:

    oh my. what was that, dry ice?

    and who were the wonder twins in front of you? those guilties were waiting for the disco ball to drop and some paul oakenfold to start pumpin overhead…

  3. S says:

    The Ibiza crowd goes wild for fog, no matter the location.

  4. fureyous says:

    I love how you two keep laughing in all these situations…amy’s travel ankles, scary plane rides, hawaii 5-0 boat rides…watching other people’s travel videos is boring but not yours. You should send these clips to Current TV.