36. The Cosy Guest House

The Cosy Guest House: Every now and again, we will stay in a place that raises the budget hotel bar impossibly high. In India, this place was Jodhpur’s Cosy Guest House. Housed in a 500-year old blue house, this haveli had a fantastic rooftop resaurant with an unstoppable view of the Maharaja’s palace (above), very friendly workers (constant hugging), a much needed international hippie chill-out scene (quiet reggae and spanish accents), and all manner of wacky rooms, including a two-person tent on the highest point of the roof. Our room had a tiny balcony that overlooked the alley up to the hotel, where you could easily spend half the day watching dozens of individual lives unfold within eyeshot. The owner is a genius for the atmosphere he’s created and because he doesn’t levy any charges – food, beer, internet, tours, beer, room – until you’re ready to check out, a style more Hyatt than hostel. We blew out our daily budget because of it, but that’s why were starting in a country where rooms cost $10 a night rather than $100. Learning curve!


  1. furey says:

    that view from that balcony looks quite similar to the one from my old hollywood apartment…quick question…are the photos on your website copyrighted? I’m working for G4 this week and I need abstract photos for my project and well, your flickr page from swell done has so many to choose from…may I?

    Keep the updates coming, good stuff…

  2. rja72 says:

    uh mike, the view from your old hollywood apartment was of trino and t-bags drinkin’ bush lite next to my toyota…

  3. furey says:

    I meant my second hollywood apartment…with that balcony. That balcony!

  4. rja72 says:

    oh, the one with the d/r’s?

  5. S says:

    G4? Trino and t-bags? It’s like that whole Kansas City thing never happened. Hey, if you’re ready to make the jump to Bollywood by the way, we have some contacts for you.