32. The Future

The Future: While on our recent adventure to the cities of Jaipur and Jodhpur I had some very uniquely Indian experiences. An ayurvedic massage, awesome, an elephant ride, fantastic, a camel ride, not so great as they tend to fart a lot and our guide wouldn’t let us off until we gave him a tip, and also a palm reading. My palm reading cost 25 rupees which is about 60 cents or something outrageous.

I was really excited to get my reading. I’ve always favored palmists over psychics because it seems somehow palm reading is actually based on science, even though it really isn’t. My reading was quick but filled with lots of useful information. I was told that I will have only one husband and we will have two children- one boy and one girl. I will own two houses in my lifetime and maybe make an income by owning real estate. He warned that I will have enough money but that it will always come and go too quickly (maybe the real estate thing is not such a good idea). He told me repeatedly that I am a very lucky person and that I am especially lucky for my family and friends, (you’re welcome). Apparently I won’t suffer any major health problems and I will live “a very long time” which he described as only 72. He also said that while I am a very independent woman who dominates my husband (Sloan standing nearby to pay him and photograph my whole experience might have been his clue) it will all work out for Sloan in the end because he will outlive me by many years keeping all the money, luck, and real estate for himself.


  1. whip says:

    well….now i know who to bet on, on your horse race