30. Riding an Elephant in Context

Riding an Elephant in Context: Since landing in India, Amy’s been talking a lot about riding an elephant.

Amy: I’m riding an elephant while we’re in India. You can do that here, right?
Sloan: Surely. Altho-
Amy: Good. I might settle for a camel, if we can’t find an elephant.
Sloan: Well, there ma-
Amy: Definitely prefer an elephant though.

Lo and behold, as we rounded the last corner below the Rajput Amber Palace, perched high in the dusty pink mountains above Jaipur, we found a pile of elephants to ride. These particular elephants, brightly painted in homage to a sun god (who happens to bear a striking similarity to the Pringles can man), march mostly white Western tourists up the long and winding cart path to the palace gates. Tons of fun as it turns out, the views were spectacular and for once we were high enough off the ground to avoid the kids selling puppets and postcards. There’s a video here.

Although we’re leaving Jaipur today, there will likely be more to say on it. Our three days here have been a blender of excitement, oddity, frustration and relaxation. If nothing else, we are learning that there is a direct correlation between how incredible a city’s sights are and how obnoxious its auto rickshaw drivers can be. Intolerable. Not the elephant drivers though, those guys are first class.


  1. rja72 says:

    I like this photo. Amy looks like she could be rollin’ down Crenshaw or A1A if you prefer…

  2. Denyse says:

    So glad you arrived safe and sound and are having a wonderful experience in India. Say hello to Charles, when you see him agian.
    have more fun for all of the stateside people. Denyse

  3. Anonymous says:

    Of course everybody knows that elephant drivers are first class. It’s because they’re second class snake charmers.

    ~The Chez

  4. Anonymous says:

    Now I’m really jealous. I want to ride an elephant. Thanks for the video.