28. Tombs

Tombs: You really can’t swing a cricket bat around Delhi without hitting some old ruling family’s burial home. Enormous, intricate and exceptionally serene, they’re welcome oases in the mad swirl of the big city. The most beautiful example still standing belongs to the second Mughal emporer Humayan, as it’s often cited as a warm-up for the design of the Taj Mahal. Here, Amy sports a sassy new purple pashmina and her classic stop-taking-so-many-photos-of-me grimace.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, my pretties! Sorry I missed your call from O’Hare. I’m at Stumptown (never has that sounded so silly) and I can’t hear the rickshaw vid but at least I know where I can work if I can’t find a job in pdx. Especially since one needn’t know directions. Amy, grimace or no grimace, you look beautiful in purple. Glad to see those shades made the cut. Love, Melissa.

  2. Cassie says:

    Wow, that picture either looks A.)fake or 2.)painted