20. Roadside Attractions

Roadside Attractions: Our cross-USA itinerary was short on days, so we didn’t have nearly enough time to sample all of the oddly fantastic Americana out there – like this four room house carved out of a 1900 year old redwood tree. Some maniac carved and lived inside of this thing for a dozen years before it was turned into a travelling attraction sometime in the 1960s. Now it’s parked in downtown St. Augustine, Florida, for no other reason than it draws a steady stream of suckers like me. Mid-century kitsch housed inside a precious natural resource? Yes please. Needs more neon. {S}


  1. Erin says:

    Do you remember the Woodsies? They were these little toy gophers or beavers or something that sqeaked and lived inside a hollowed out tree/carrying case…? This looks just like it. One further question: did this treehouse have windows, or was it like a submarine?

  2. S says:

    Submarine! I don’t understand why he left out the windows, further reinforcing the maniac theory. I don’t remember the Woodsies, but I do remember the Monchichis, who also somehow lived in trees. In the magical land of Monchia.

  3. Anonymous says:

    looks a bit like the doug fir here in portland…..it just occured to me last evening how ugly that place is