19. Humility

Humility: We’re now fully accustomed to being the smallest, slowest thing on these American highways. Never was this more pronounced than when we had no camping option other than a private RV park. The littlest and latest to arrive, there was always space for a microbus, even if it was just a “half space near the bathrooms,” as the owner of this Tallahassee, Florida RV park called it. The size and excess of modern American recreation vehicles is beyond belief at times. They tower over us everywhere we go, making it happily impossible to ever feel like the biggest, baddest kid on the playground. They have generators, satellite dishes, multiple bedrooms, fake fireplaces and ugly patio furniture. We have the faint odor of gasoline in the cabin and a little dashboard warning sticker that says “Fahren nur mit verriegeltem Dach!” in three different languages. Wouldn’t have it any other way.


  1. rja72 says:

    obviously you are a communist.

  2. S says:

    This country really does baffle me sometimes. For instance, even though this place was full of RVs, we were the only actual people there. All the trailers and motorhomes were empty. We saw this all over the country. In this particular park, they rent a space for the entire four month FSU football season and park their trailer there for weekend tailgating use. We were there on a Wednesday, so it was a ghost town. A monument to middle class conspicuous consumption.