18. Ferries

Ferries: A lifetime spent in and out of urban gridlock makes ferries feel like an exotic departure from the commuting norm. I always get a thrill out of stepping on board one, even if I conceal that in favor of blending in with the workday zombies. On this boat we crossed the Mississipi River, from downtown New Orleans to Algiers Point, a ride that was just long enough to spark that thrill and just short enough to evade uncomfortable conversation.

Amy: Would you ever take a fertility test?
Sloan: Is this the beginning of a joke?
Amy: No, it’s a real question.
Sloan: Is it a trick question?
Amy: No.
Sloan: Do you have one in your purse or something?
Amy: No!
Sloan: Fertility test…fertility test. Is that the one with the cup?
Amy: Yes.
Sloan: Hang on, I wanna watch us pull into the dock.



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