14. Reunions

Reunions: I met Ann-Marie 10 years ago when I was a junior in college. There was a time when we were so close that we talked about a future where we would buy homes next door to each other and raise our kids together. With my move to Oregon and Ann-Marie’s move to Oklahoma we had not seen each other in person in 7 years. Until a few days before I arrived it was still unclear if I would find my friend nine months pregnant and ready to pop or with a little baby for me to fawn over. The outcome was perfect and Sloan and I were thrilled to camp in a Claremore driveway for the night. Here’s to Gianna Nora Dowling, the sweetest little bundle of love Oklahoma has yet to see. {A}


  1. Anonymous says:

    I want one!

  2. Ann-Marie says:

    You and Sloan did make perfect timing! Gianna and I only wish you could have stayed longer. She has changed so much already since you were here. She’s about 4 pounds heavier now and getting leg and arm rolls – love it! I haven’t found a more beautiful baby in Oklahoma yet. Let me know if you find any on your trip!