13. Stickers

Stickers: Sloan has become obsessed with stickers for the bus. When at first it seemed that finding stickers would be little more than a distraction from the road trip doldrums, we only searched them out at the occasional rest stop or state visitors center. Soon though we found that don’t nobody sell no stickers no more, and an obsession was born.

This includes our stop at The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. Sloan had just spent 3 hours living out his childhood fantasies of being a real cowboy and rushed off to the gift store to find a sticker to put on the bus with no luck. While Sloan cries foul with his Dad about the lack of stickers in this cruel modern world, I’m trapped in marvel at the works in the Art of the American West Gallery. I was taken aback more times than I remember by the artists’ spot-on portrayal of the grand depths of our western landscape, reminding me of why I too was once a settler beckoned westward to the land of promise.


  1. nancy r says:

    I feel Sloane’s pain. I actually had stickers (in the olden days, they were called “decals;” you had to submerge them in warm water to separate the stick-on image from the paper backing before afixing to the window or bed headboard of your choice) for Oklahoma and Wyoming (both cowboys on bucking broncs) on my 71 beetle…and they were vintage then).


  2. amy says:

    Decals! That’s the word I’ve been searching for this whole time. I knew there was something not quite right about “stickers.” Thanks big sister.

  3. rja72 says:

    yes decals or stickers…i share sloan’s frustration. it used to be an american tradition to place them on your windshield or bumper from every place you visited.

    i recently left a national park here in washington disgusted at the lack of stickers.

    it’s a shame.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well, I guess decals are a tad bit more tasteful than a collection of Dead tapes for the bus. Next thing you know he’d start trying to convince you that the van can run on “magic mushrooms”….


  5. S says:

    There’s hope on the horizon – decals abound in Florida, thanks to a state economy based entirely on selling things to old people who come here from somewhere else. Of course the downside is endless sprawl and an inaccessible coastline, but still…stickers!