8. Local Car Washes

Local Car Washes: When we pause in a town for more than 24 hours, as we did in Albuquerque, we always have a list of chores that need doing. After weathering the dust of the Nevada and Arizona deserts, the bus needed the kind of bathing that can only be provided by a complex array of swirly brushes, robotic super-dryers and something called a “moon polish” (patent pending). The kids at the Octopus Car Wash on Route 66 had a tough time cracking the mysterious levers and knobs of a 1977 Volkswagen, but once they got the hang of it, they swarmed it like bees to the queen. The workers, the waiting room – it’s a fantastic slice of local flavor. And then:

Kid: You want cherry or cinnamon fragrance inside?
Amy: Those are my only choices?
Kid: Yeah.
Amy: (to Sloan) You want cherry or cinnamon fragrance?
Sloan: Those are my only choices?
Amy: Yeah.
Sloan: I dunno.
Amy: (sighs) We’ll take cherry.

(25 minutes later)

Sloan: It smells like a bathroom in here.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Are you of the understanding that your vehicle is in the color of the state flag? Like workers to the swarm….

    The Chez.

  2. rja72 says:

    cherry? no vanilla? i’m not comfortable with that.

  3. This reminds me of a classic exchange from HEATHERS. J.D.: “Did you say cherry or Coke Slushee?” Veronica: “I didn’t. [Pause] Cherry.” (Wink!)

  4. Lara Dunston says:

    I absolutely love your blog!! And I love the way you’ve structured it. I’m just taking a little dip now but I’ll be writing about it on my own blog sometime soon and I’ll be returning to plunge right in!