7. Route 66

Route 66: Vast expanses of the route have been replaced by modern interstate highways, though short stretches still exist in every town along the way. It’s tough to get your kicks without navigating a raft of exit ramps and four-way stops. One of the longer intact stretches exists in Albuquerque, where it rolls out in front of you like a Republic Day parade of neon motel and diner signs. We stopped in on the Route 66 Diner in ABQ while visiting Sloan’s aunt and uncle. Tuna melt. Meatloaf sandwich. Perfect fries. Waitress named Skipper who was more than adequately chipper. Won’t you get hip to this timely trip. Get your kicks, on Route 66.


  1. Ann-Marie says:

    I’m glad that your visit with me gave you another small taste of old Route 66 when coming through Catoosa and Claremore (Oklahoma). Did you see the Big Blue Whale? When I tell people I live right off the famous highway, they laugh at me and say Route 66 doesn’t exist anymore or better yet some people claim they have never heard of Route 66. HA!

  2. John Tiesi says:

    Hope you enjoyed your time in Albuquerque.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You went there and didn’t have green chile or a milkshake????!!?!? For shame, my friend, for shame!


  4. Mr. Ronnie says:

    patty melt. gotta go patty melt.

  5. georgia kral says:

    amy! you’re no longer a rabbit?! this girl does not exist on just carrots and lettuce anymore. now she sinks her teeth into tuna fish and cheese. yummmmm.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have been living off of sweet potatoe fries and pumpkin milkshakes. Don’t you miss Burgerville? I leave for NY tomorrow night. I’m going to leave a secret message for Amy on the subway to Long Island. Look for it when you get here.