6. Zion National Park

Zion: No one photo can capture the mass and significance of Zion National Park in Southwestern Utah. It’s miles of steep, colored canyon that makes for seemingly impossible vistas and a couple of nauseatingly steep drives. It’s also filled with an assortment of place names that sound suspiciously Mormon – Court of the Patriarchs, Angels Landing, Temple of Sinawava. There’s also the Great White Throne and the Virgin River, but who’s not having fun with those names. Seriously.


  1. Nancy says:

    Hello, you two. I’ll be in SE Asia in January-February (mid Jan to early Feb). I’ll send you my itinerary when I get it. And thanks, a lot, for the heads up on the shots. I’ll be thinking of you as I soldier through.

  2. georgia kral says:

    holy mary mother of god, or whomever. i am so psyched for you two. have an awesome time…do anything and everything, take notes on little pieces of paper and send them to me!

    by the way- the “we, you know, quit” part was so poetic…i almost cried, or laughed, or both!