5. Small Town Youth

Small Town Youth: Plagued by the same drama and apathy as youth anywhere, they just don’t have a huge mall to act out in. When we passed through Ely (pronounced E-lee), Nevada, they were just out of school and swarming around an Arby’s, an auto parts store and this town square. In this and every other small town we’ve rolled through so far, kids love the bus. It’s a jarring entry into their daily parade of trucks and SUVs, so it encourages lots of pointing, waving and shirt tugging. Is that a spaceship, mom? No, that’s just hippies. Don’t encourage the hippies.

We’re not hippies, by the way.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Living the dream, man. Off the grid!


  2. shannon says:

    who says you’re not hippies? go on denying it while you drive around in the glowing microbus straight from hippie heaven. did I mention you’ve just quit your jobs to go “see the world”?

    not hippies!

    but I actually love hippies.

    xo shannon

  3. lesli says:

    you are too hippies!