12. Juan in a Million

Juan In A Million: Austin, TX doesn’t have the same sort of ridiculous weekend brunch culture that we’re accustomed to – people all over Portland routinely wait an hour or more for a breakfast table on the weekends. Austin’s exception may be Juan In A Million, tex-mex that’s a little more mex than tex and home to the best migas ever. They’re even better when Juan is working the front counter.

Juan: Portland! You’re from Oregon?
Sloan: We just drove here.
Juan: Whoa man! You know, the best mariachi band ever is from Oregon!
Sloan: C’mon.
Juan: I’m serious! (points to photo on wall of a Mariachi band as proof)
Sloan: I travelled all over that state and never saw one Mariachi band.
Juan: Oh yeah, they don’t ever play there. They’re just from there.


  1. Lessercraft says:

    I am just extremely impressed by this.